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Create Unique Spaces with Boori Furniture

Boori furniture sets are an excellent choice for parents seeking to provide a safe, stylish, and comfortable environment for their children. This Australian-owned brand is known for its superior quality, beautiful design, and innovative features that make their furniture sets stand out from the rest. Boori furniture sets are designed with safety in mind and meet or exceed all Australian safety standards. Each piece of furniture is made with eco-friendly materials such as solid hardwood timber and non-toxic finishes that offer long-lasting protection from everyday wear and tear. In addition to providing a safe environment for your children, Boori wide selection of stylish designs makes it easy to create a contemporary look in any bedroom or nursery. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect set that meets your needs and suits your style.

History of Boori Furniture

Boori Furniture has been providing high quality and stylish furniture for families around the world since 1991. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Boori has become a renowned name in the world of furniture, offering a wide variety of products from baby cots to dressers. It is well known for its innovative designs and its commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Boori Australia was founded by brothers Andrew and Robert Hill with the aim of creating beautiful pieces that combine traditional design elements with modern convenience. The company initially started out by producing beds and bassinets before venturing into the production of dressers, chest-of-drawers, wardrobes and other bedroom furniture in 1993. Since then, Boori has grown to become one of Australia’s leading furniture manufacturers.

Today’s Boori products are designed to make life easier for parents who want both style and functionality from their nursery or bedroom furniture pieces. From classic cots that convert into toddler beds as your child grows older to changing tables equipped with drawers for extra storage space – there is something for every family at Boori Furniture. 

Benefits of Boori Furniture

When it comes to getting quality furniture for your home, Boori Furniture is a great choice. This Australian brand has been creating beautiful, modern and stylish furniture since 1989, and has become an increasingly popular choice for families all over the world. There are many benefits of choosing Boori Furniture, including its quality construction, attractive designs and affordability. 

The first benefit of Boori Furniture is its superior quality construction. The company only uses high-quality materials such as solid wood, laminated board and steel in the production of their products. This ensures that your furniture will not only last for years to come but also look good doing so. The manufacturing process also includes rigorous testing to guarantee that each piece is built with precision craftsmanship and can withstand everyday use without any issues or damage. 

The second benefit of Boori Furniture is its sleek designs. Each collection features a variety of pieces with modern lines that look great both in traditional homes as well as contemporary spaces. Whether you’re looking for a classic bedroom suite or something more unique like a corner desk or storage unit, there are plenty of options available from this brand to suit any style preference or decor theme you may have in mind! 

Types of Boori Furniture

If you’re looking for furniture that is stylish, modern and timeless, Boori furniture is definitely a great option. Boori is an Australian-based brand of nursery and children’s furniture that has been in business since 1989. They specialize in creating quality pieces with innovative designs that combine function and style, making them perfect for any home or nursery.

Boori offers a wide range of products to suit any decorating style. Their most popular pieces are their cots which come in several different styles and finishes including classic white or natural wood stains as well as bright colors like pink, blue or green. All of their cots are designed with safety in mind to ensure your baby gets a good night’s sleep while being comfortable at the same time.

In addition to cots, Boori also makes other nursery essentials such as changing tables, dressers and drawers – all designed with convenience and safety in mind so you don’t have to worry about your baby hurting themselves when reaching for something from the top shelves! For those who want something more than just functional pieces of furniture, they also offer a range of stylishly designed items such as bookcases which can be used not only to store books but create.

Cost and Availability of Boori Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, buying quality furniture is essential. Boori furniture is a great option for those looking for high-quality pieces that will last for years to come. This Australian brand offers a wide range of stylish and functional furniture from cots and bassinets to wardrobes, bedside tables, and more. While the cost of Boori furniture varies based on the piece, overall it tends to be an affordable option when compared with other high-end brands.

When considering the cost of Boori furniture, you’ll find that many pieces are priced at an affordable level. Cots generally start around $500 while wardrobes can be found in the $1000-$2000 range depending on size and design features. The company also offers their own line of mattresses which range from $400-$900 depending on size and type. As far as availability goes, many retailers carry Boori products both online and in stores so finding one near you shouldn’t be too difficult. Additionally, their website has a store locator feature so you can easily locate retailers that carry their products in your area. 

Care and Maintenance for Boori Furniture

Boori furniture is a popular choice among parents and homeowners due to its durability, versatility, and style. The brand offers a wide range of furniture pieces ranging from cribs to dressers, allowing you to create an entire nursery or bedroom set that can grow with your child. In order to keep your Boori furniture looking great for years to come, it is important to follow proper care and maintenance procedures.

One of the most important maintenance tips for Boori furniture is to regularly dust and clean the surface of the wood. This should be done using a soft cloth slightly dampened with water or mild detergent solution. Never use harsh cleaners or abrasive materials such as steel wool on any type of wood product as this could damage the finish. Additionally, you should always test any cleaning products in an inconspicuous area before applying them directly onto the wood surface.

When moving Boori furniture pieces around your home, it is important that you take special care in handling them properly so as not to damage them in any way. Always lift rather than drag when relocating items such as dressers or wardrobes; never attempt to move these pieces on your own but instead seek assistance from a friend or family member if needed.


The Boori furniture set is a great choice for any home. With its classic design and high-quality construction, it can provide lasting beauty and durability to any room. Its versatility allows it to fit into many different styles of décor. Whether you are looking for a traditional style or something more modern, the Boori furniture set is sure to make a beautiful addition to your home.

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