What to Write in the Introduction of an Essay Example

You may be wondering what to write in the introduction of an essay example. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Introduce the topic of your essay using an attention grabber. This can be a story, joke, sports incident, or line of poetry. It is also possible to choose a topic that relates to your thesis statement. Make sure your hook ties in to your thesis statement. For example, it can remind the reader of a time when life was simpler and the world was full of possibilities. Remember to make a clear transition to the thesis statement.

In the introduction of an essay example, you should give the audience an orientation to the topic and identify the major themes. Remember, an essay always starts with an orientation, so it is important to limit the amount of information that you share. It should be a clear explanation of why you chose the topic. It is also important to explain why you chose this topic and how it relates to the larger issues in society. It should be short, but informative.

If you’re writing about a controversial topic, you’ll need a hook. One way to do this is to use an example from the nineteenth century. Mary Shelley’s famous book Frankenstein has been interpreted as a cautionary tale against scientific progress. The hook of this essay example explains that the novel is often read as a crude cautionary tale, but implies that the author’s interpretation may be inaccurate. You should always keep in mind that a hook must be both specific and broad.

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