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What to Look For in a Gold Ring

When you are buying a gold ring, you should look for the karat number. Gold’s karat indicates how pure the gold is in the piece. Generally, a gold ring that has a karat of 18 contains seventy-five percent pure gold and twenty-four percent other metals. However, the higher the karat number, the more expensive the gold ring will be. To determine the exact karat, check the gold ring’s composition.

A high-karat gold ring will look yellow, while a low-karat gold ring will be scratch-resistant. Nevertheless, gold is not magnetic, so you should be wary of pieces without markings. This is because you cannot test the gold purity with a magnet. A low-karat gold ring is therefore a better bet, as it does not have to be polished to keep it looking shiny.

Although white gold is the purest form of gold, it is still susceptible to dents and other abrasion. A white gold ring should be properly cleaned and protected, as white gold is more malleable and susceptible to dents. Moreover, it may cause skin irritation and allergies, as it contains more of the alloy metals than other types. You should also know that not all gold karats have the same amount of nickel, so two rings of the same karat may have different reactions.

The ring’s colour also matters. Yellow gold tends to contrast with warmer skin tones, making the stone pop. The Katie ring comes with a fine, polished yellow gold band and a white diamond in its center. The white diamond is a subtle touch in a traditional minimalist design. Despite its simplicity, this yellow gold ring has an exquisitely refined appearance. It is available in various colors and shapes. This way, you can easily find a suitable gold ring to match the skin colour of your loved one.

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