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What Is A Marketing Proposal, And How Can You Create One?

Planning is an important phase of any business. However, a marketing proposal takes it a step further by helping the team correctly project, understand the different marketing elements’ viability, and execute the plan properly. A marketing proposal can therefore be defined as a detailed plan that outlines the potential of advertising and marketing to the bottom line and branding of a company.

A marketing proposal is usually created by the marketing team, whether in-house or an agency, to address the stakeholders of a company. It can be sent to both current and potential clients for different reasons. It can be sent to an existing client to draw them into more services you offer to better your bottom line and theirs. On the other hand, you can sell a marketing idea to a potential client to make them a new customer.

A marketing proposal is meant to touch on a client’s pain points so that you can connect with them at an emotional level. A good proposal can help you build a strong relationship with your clients, who in turn can also help you through referrals and bringing in more business for you. This is evident from the positive feedback Web 20 Ranker often receives. Read Web20ranker reviews, and see how clients rave about the company’s clear marketing proposals that have helped them to scale.

What A Marketing Proposal Should Include

Every business is different, and the marketing proposal you create for them should be individualized, focusing on their needs. It should include the marketing channels you hope to use, including traditional marketing channels, social media, pay-per-click campaigns, content, etc. Detail clear timelines, budgets, and distribution channels.

Campaign Brief

The campaign brief is perhaps the most important element of a good marketing proposal. Remember that company stakeholders are often busy, and it is not uncommon for them not to read the entire proposal, especially if it is a potential client to whom you have sent a cold email. Instead, you should capture their attention through a detailed brief.

Business owners are always looking for ways to improve their bottom line. One of the best ways to grasp their attention is by explaining in detail the problems you have identified with their current marketing campaign and how you intend to solve them. If you can help them identify these problems and pose solutions, you have a better chance of raking up their business. Clearly outline the objectives of your marketing proposal and focus on the client’s specific pain points to resonate with them better.

Marketing Strategy

In this section, you should get into more detail about the channels and methods you hope to market their business through. Let them know how your marketing strategy will affect their brand message and the actions the client will take. Clearly detail how each marketing channel will help the company grow and how it correlates with the other advertising efforts. Ensure that the marketing strategy has a straightforward thought process and the client can easily follow your write-up.

It acts as a cushion of protection. Few companies are willing to scrape out all their current marketing efforts simultaneously. Therefore, align the proposed marketing strategy to the different tactics already being used by the company and demonstrate how you intend to build on them.

NB: Sometimes, data isn’t enough. To increase your credibility, you should provide proof of concept, like case studies and internal experiment outcomes.

Pricing And Payment Terms

One of the most tricky parts of a marketing proposal is the pricing. Some agencies specifically skip this section and ask the client to contact them for more detail. However, considering how many marketing proposals they may receive, this could lead them to not push forward with your proposal.

Instead, clearly state how much the service will cost them. Create a clear breakdown of all the costs, such as manpower, tools, and time to demonstrate and justify the budget. The better detailed the pricing section is, the higher the chance that the client will resonate with your plans. The key is to justify the cost without sounding condescending.

Campaign Metrics

Any good marketing proposal should have clear RIOs(return on investment). In this section, make sure you have done enough research on the client so that you can expressly point out what metrics you will be monitoring. As mentioned, every company is different and is at a different point of business. A large corporation may want to measure metrics such as brand mentions, while a local business may wish to increase the number of phone calls they receive. Focus on the company needs and metrics that make sense to them.

One of the best ways to ensure that you create practical marketing proposals is by templating the process. This is not a shortcut; instead, it is a great way to stay efficient. Another way to increase efficiency is to provide specific timelines. This limits expectations and keeps the client at ease. It is a safety net for both you and the client. With all your bases covered, you can improve your marketing proposal process and increase your chances of convincing your client.

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