The Willow Tree is a Symbol of Resilience in the Australian Landscape

Origin of the Willow Tree in Australia

The exquisite Willow Tree collection, born from the masterful hands of artist Susan Lordi, continues to fascinate and bewilder art enthusiasts around the globe. The collection is an amalgamation of intricately designed figurines and ornaments, representing a unique blend of elegance, passion, and intimacy. Each piece, crafted with finesse, mirrors a sense of warmth, love, and connection, making them ideal gifts for any occasion.

The Willow Tree phenomenon started in the late 1990s, when Lordi, driven by the urge to express her emotions following the demise of her father, began sculpting small, whimsical figures out of clay. Lordi’s innate talent and artistry shone through, and soon enough, her figurines were gaining recognition, selling out in local craft fairs and gift shops.

Willow Tree Symbolize Meaning

The Willow Tree Australia became a symbol of everyday life, representing both the good and the bad. The figurines depicted various life situations, from moments of pure bliss, such as family gatherings and romantic encounters, to tough experiences, such as illness, loss, and grief. Each piece is designed with utmost care, to capture the emotions and sentiments of that particular situation, with Lordi’s attention to detail ensuring that each figure carries its personality and meaning.

The Emotion Behind The Willow Tree

The Willow Tree’s distinctiveness lies in the absence of facial features, with Lordi relying solely on body language and gestures to convey emotions. This artistic choice allows the viewer to project their feelings and experiences onto the figurines, creating a personalized connection that is both unique and awe-inspiring. The minimalist style of the Willow Tree figurines also ensures that they are timeless and that they blend effortlessly with any setting or decor.

How The Willow Tree is Made

Lordi uses resin, a lightweight and robust material, to craft her figurines. The material’s durability enables the creation of intricate details without compromising the overall shape and stability of the figurines, giving them an inviting, warm feel that has made them a popular choice for both personal collections and gifts.

Popularity and Social Impact 

The Willow Tree collection has grown over the years, with Lordi introducing a broad range of figurines and ornaments, from large sculptures to tiny, delicate pieces. Some of the most popular figurines include the Angel of Friendship, which features two women embracing, and the Nativity Set, which portrays the birth of Jesus in a simple yet compelling style. The collection also features commemorative pieces, such as those for weddings, graduations, and anniversaries, making them ideal for special occasions.

Lordi remains dedicated to her craft and humble despite her success. She continues to create new designs and pieces, capturing human emotions and experiences with every figurine she makes. Her work has touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide, bringing comfort, joy, and a sense of connection to those who collect and display her figurines.


The Willow Tree collection by Susan Lordi is a breathtaking array of figurines and ornaments that have captured the imagination and hearts of people worldwide. Their intricate designs, minimalist style, and warm material make them ideal for expressing love, friendship, and connection in any setting. Whether as a gift or a personal keepsake, a Willow Tree figurine is a symbol of hope, love, and meaning, and an artwork that can last a lifetime.

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