Step-by-Step Guide or Car Insurance Claim After Accident

You can get involved in a road accident even with an excellent driving history. Dealing with accidents can be stressful at times, especially if it leads to loss of life. Whether you are at fault or not, when you get involved in an accident, you must follow specific steps to get compensation from the insurance company.

Your immediate action plays a vital role in the approval or rejection of your claim request. If you have no prior experience of filing a claim after an accident, here is a helpful guide to get your car accident claim settled.

Step 1 – Inform the insurer

After the accident, once you are sure everyone is safe, call the insurance company immediately to inform them about the accident and provide details of your policy. Ensure you describe the whole event to the best of your ability and do not miss or withhold any information, even if you are at fault. This will prove counterproductive during claim settlement.

Step 2 – File and FIR

Report the accident at the local police station and file an FIR (first information report) if needed. You would need FIR in the event of car theft, fire, and road accidents caused by others. Keep a copy of the FIR handy, as you will need it later during claim processing. You would need to submit it to the insurer along with the car policy documents.

Step 3 – Collect evidence

Take pictures of the damage and the area surrounding the accident site, or even better, record a video. You can even speak to the onlookers to record their testimony about who was at fault. You can use the photos, videos, and voice recordings as evidence to support your claim and get the claim approval without any hassles.

Step 4 – Submit the necessary documents to the insurance company

When you file a car insurance claim, you must submit certain documents to the insurer. This is an integral part of the claim process. While the documents required may vary from one insurer to another, you may have to submit copies of –

  • Driving licence
  • Vehicle RC (registration certificate)
  • Insurance policy papers
  • FIR

Ensure that you follow the documentation process correctly to avoid delays in the claim process.

Step 5 – Get your car repaired

Once you register the claim, submit the necessary documents, and receive approval from the insurer-appointed surveyor, you can take the car to the nearest network garage for repairs. The insurer will settle the bill directly with the garage owner.

If your policy doesn’t offer cashless benefits, you can get your vehicle repaired at any garage of your choice, pay the bill from your pocket, and get reimbursement from the insurer as per the policy’s terms and conditions.

Important things to remember while filing a claim

Apart from following the above steps, here are a few things you must remember –

  • Inform the insurer about the accident within the prescribed time limit. If you delay this, chances are high that the insurer will reject your claim request.
  • Assess the damages carefully, and if it is only a minor dent, avoid raising a claim. This will help you keep the NCB (no claim bonus) intact, and you can get a valuable discount on the premium upon renewal.
  • When you submit the claim application form online or offline, fill in all the details correctly, especially the policy number, contact details etc. Double-check the information before submitting it.
  • Try to avoid making on the spot settlement with the third party.
  • Follow all the protocols and formalities. This significantly increases your chances of getting a car insurance claim approved.

Final Word

Now that you know the step-by-step process to file a claim after a car accident, follow these steps accurately to avoid claim rejection.

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