Preventing Garage Door Break-Ins

Home security is an important priority for many homeowners across the United States. With over 1.5 million home burglaries recorded annually, property owners are investing more in home security solutions to keep their space and loved ones safe. One such investment is installing new garage doors and taking essential safety steps.

Local Garage Door Pros notes that the front and back doors and the garage door are common points of entry during home burglaries. The company also recommends these tips to keep the home safe and prevent garage door break-ins.

Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

Breaking into a property is much easier when the owner has failed to observe primary security steps. Below are some ways to protect your home, family, and property.

Think like a burglar

A great way to protect your home from being burgled is to think like a burglar and troubleshoot. Identifying potential weak points in your home and addressing the problem can reinforce your property and make it harder to break in.

Unsure of how to begin? Take a walk around your garage and home. Look for ways you’ll get into your property if you were a burglar. Note those problems and address them – even if it means replacing your garage door panel or the entire door.

Double-check garage door locks

Most homeowners forget to lock their doors once they access their homes. A large percentage of burglaries are successful for this reason.

Protect your home, loved ones, and property by imbibing the habit of double-checking your garage door, car, front and back door locks, etc. By doing this, you can easily catch the commonest errors predisposing you to a burglary attack.

You may need to contact a garage door professional to look at your door if you’re experiencing issues closing or locking your garage door.

Protect your garage door’s emergency release

Garage doors are equipped with many safety and security features, including the door opener’s emergency release. This safety feature allows users to open the door faster in emergencies like blackouts or power outages. However, it could also be an access point for burglars looking to gain unauthorized entry into your home.

An excellent way to protect the emergency release is to zip-tie the cord attached to the emergency release. By doing this, you’re effectively foiling the plans of creative burglars who may look to exploit the safety feature.

Avoid leaving your garage door open unnecessarily

Certain actions are seen as an invitation to rob. One such action is leaving your garage door open unnecessarily for long periods. Not only do people get a good view of the garage, but they can also detect entrances and plan a break-in with the information gathered.

With this in mind, it is important to always close your garage door as soon as you’re done using it for entry or exit. Ensure that all unloading, packing, or related activities are done before or after opening the garage door. With this tip, you’ll be giving little information away about your indoor structure and plan.

Upgrade your door opener

Older garage door openers are less efficient compared to newer models. Most newer garage door openers come with better security features that make your home impregnable. It’s a good investment to update your garage door opener, especially if you have a fear of break-ins.

Cover your garage windows

Most homeowners leave their garage windows open and unprotected. An average person could peek into the window to get a good view of what’s inside and how to access the indoor space once the window is breached. This can be a huge security issue for homes looking to keep themselves protected.

You can, at least, introduce window blinds, curtains, or something to limit visibility into your garage. You can also leverage window tints or translucent films to limit visibility from the outside. These can effectively discourage burglars.

Invest in exterior lighting

Exterior lightings are an important addition to homes for aesthetic, safety, and security reasons. Adding flood lights, spotlights, walkway lights, or even security lights around your home ensures better visibility at night. It also ensures that there’s no place for intruders to hide.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to break the bank for exterior or landscape lighting. You can choose any of the available low-cost options that aid visibility at night. Also ensure that the lights are installed at a decent height to prevent tampering.

Keep doors in good condition

A proper garage door maintenance practice can save you a lot of money in repair costs and also prevent burglary. Burglars are more likely to leverage small problems to gain entry into your home but addressing them fast eliminates the chances.

Remove valuables from your garage or vehicles

Not all homeowners use their garages for vehicle safekeeping. Irrespective of its purpose, ensure that your garage door is picked clean of any valuables. Do the same if you’re parking your car in the garage.

All valuables like cash, phones, laptops, documents, etc., should be taken out of the car and garage door for improved safety and to prevent losses.

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