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Is Building A Carriage House A Good Investment?

Reminiscent of days gone by, carriage houses are making a comeback in urban areas for people looking for ways to add more functional space and value to their homes. A carriage house is typically a detached building, separately located on the same property as a main dwelling.

For starters, small carriage house plans help homeowners create nifty spaces for the modern age. If you want a carriage house with a style all its own, consider checking out the model options on the My ADU website. These houses are a great investment for various reasons, as we highlight below:

1. Easy Customization

Carriage houses are easy to personalize. Plus, who wouldn’t want a mini replica of their home looking out at them?

Want to add a little extra charm to your property? Spring for a carriage house. You can also have some fun while at it. Need some extra room for all your little ones’ Elves on the Shelf? How about an indoor playground for them – bonus points if it looks like Santa’s Workshop?

Do you have a boat or odd-shaped RV you wouldn’t mind storing in a nice cozy spot? Carriage houses make for great storage areas. The house can also serve as office space or workshop, carport, additional living quarters – whatever you have in mind. You may also incorporate all the necessities or bells and whistles you fancy into the design – ample windows, wrap-around porch, bathroom, kitchen – you name it.

2. Income Generation

The hotel experience, at least for some of us, is overrated. And as more people explore other places to stay, they often turn to carriage houses as they offer affordable and more personalized options.

Whether you’re doing it out of necessity or want a change of pace, you can offer your carriage house as an Airbnb rental to offset the cost of your investment. Besides, many cities now allow carriage houses as “Accessory Dwelling Units” (ADUs). Thus, you can rent out your carriage house as an independent living space – otherwise known as a “mother-in-law suite.” Who would pass on the opportunity to generate some passive income?

3. Increased Property Value

A well-crafted carriage house can also enhance your home’s value for resale. Depending on its style and features, you can also use it as your property’s selling point.

Even if a sale is not on the cards, a carriage house adds extra living space and storage, making it an attractive addition. Plus, in markets with high home prices, every little addition of usable space counts – the more your property’s square footage, the more its value, should you eventually give in to the temptation to sell it.

You also don’t have to be a millionaire to build a carriage house. You can spring for prefabricated models at a fraction of the cost of a custom-built home. By so doing, you can have a little palace dotting your landscape in no time.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

We don’t always equate value with cash, not that anyone minds a little extra income. A carriage house can add a beautiful and unique touch to your property – character and rustic flair.

Have a tired-looking section of your property in need of an overhaul? Convert it into a carriage house and add some color to your property. You can even paint the wood with your favorite colors to add a personal touch. But don’t go overboard (with the color palette and your creative freedom), as you might turn the house into the neighborhood’s laughing stock.

You also don’t have to sacrifice your entire backyard for a construction project. Most cities allow you to build carriage houses up to 50% of the size of your primary residence. The vertical space restrictions are also more lenient – you can construct up to three stories in some cities. So, break out the measuring tape as your new castle awaits.

5. Year-round Shelter

Imagine leaving your valuables at the mercy of the elements – rain, sun, wind, snow, and ice. Case in point, the weather can quickly turn your vehicle into a rust bucket or your other prized possessions into a pile of debris.

Fortunately, a carriage house provides a haven for your belongings. Plus, you’ll have extra room for special occasions – hosting a group of friends or throwing a game night – with your only concern being simple maintenance.

Don’t limit yourself to a tiny box shed without windows – use available wiggle room in your city to be creative and go big. Make the investment today; soon enough, you could enjoy a cozy spot or flip your property and make bank. And with countless building ideas available, you can craft a little hideaway that speaks to your needs and tastes.

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