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Hemp and Marijuana with benefits and properties that you may not know yet

Many people may know and have heard of “marijuana” often. But during this period, the ” Hemp ” trend began to be discussed more and more. Because the government has now unlocked the use of hemp for medical and economic benefits, there is still some confusion between cannabis and hemp plants. Because these two plants have the exact origin, it is in the same family, Cannabaceae, and the same genus, Cannabis, but they have different subspecies. And hemp has fewer medically beneficial oil glands than the hemp plant. Many kinds of Hemp products are available in a CBD shop.


It is a plant in the family Cannabaceae, originated in Central Asia and spread to East Asia, India and Europe, with a tall, thick, strong stem, a height of when fully grown about 6 meters, harvesting period of 3-4 months. Durable natural fibre The purposes of utilization between Cannabis and hemp are very different. Since humans have known the use of this family since ancient times. There is a historical record of hemp utilization beyond Marijuana. In the colonial era, seafarers used hemp fibres to make ropes and tarpaulins, which were very durable. Hempseed is a grain that has been eaten worldwide for thousands of years.


Cannabis is a member of the genus Cannabis, in the family Cannabaceae, with three common species: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Saying Marijuana is a slang term for using the flower parts of the marijuana plant to be smoked.

In addition to the physical characteristics that are quite different. The extracts obtained from the two plants also had different amounts. Hemp and Marijuana contain compounds called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (CBD shop), which separate the two plants.

THC is an intoxicating or euphoric substance. It can be found in Marijuana, with about 1-20%, while hemp contains less than 1% of this substance. In medicine, THC has the effect of reducing inflammation. It reduces convulsions, calms, relaxes and has properties that inhibit the growth of many tumour cells in vitro.

As for CBD, a substance found in hemp more than in Marijuana, it is found in about 2%, but in Cannabis, there is very little. When ingesting this substance, there will be no symptoms of being drunk or intoxicated like Marijuana. The medical properties of CBD are diverse, such as psychotropic effects, inducing relaxation, and insomnia, reducing nausea and vomiting and stimulating appetite.

Benefits of hemp

Hemp has many properties, such as helping to make you feel relaxed and refreshed and helping you sleep comfortably. Treat dizziness, headaches, or migraine, which can take advantage of every part, from inflorescences, leaves, seeds, bark, stems, branches and roots, which can be processed into many different products, for example:

Inflorescences are commonly extracted from group substances. Phytocannabinoids with medicinal properties such as CBD (can be consumed directly or used as an ingredient to add value to food and beverage products, personal care products, and cosmeceuticals), Terpenes (scents used to produce perfumes and essential oils).

The leaves are extracted for use as ingredients in food and beverages, bio-fertilizers, construction materials, fiberboard, and fiberglass.

Bark and trunk are made into fibres, commonly used to make clothes, ropes, lightweight bulletproof vests, paper pulp, packaging materials, thermal insulation, bioplastics, and lightweight trunk cores used to make bricks. Or mix concrete for construction work. Automobile components, furniture.

Hemp seed oil and extract are used in food and health care products. Due to its high nutritional value (such as protein, vitamin E, and omega), hemp seed oil (Hemp Seed Oil) is some food source rich in essential fatty acids humans need.

Hemp seed oil (CBD shop) is obtained by squeezing the oil into hemp seeds. Which has similar steps to making coconut oil or olive oil Rich in essential fatty acids that humans need and can only be obtained from food; up to 2 types:

  1. Linoleic acid, classified as an omega-6 fatty acid (Omega-6 Fatty Acid), is found in up to 54-60% of hemp seed oil. The health benefits are
    • It reduces platelet function and the chance of fat clogging in the arteries.
    • lowers cholesterol levels (cholesterol)
    • Improved blood circulation and the heart works less.
    • It helps maintain moisture in skin cells. Reduce symptoms of dryness, cracking, flaky, and wrinkles.
    • It is effective as an antioxidant. (antioxidant) helps reduce and slow down the deterioration of various cells in the body
    • Reduce the risk of cancer.
    • Reduce neurological complications of diabetic patients, such as numbness in the hands and feet.
    • Treatment of abnormal symptoms of men and women of reproductive age, older women, etc.

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