Air Medical Transport Guidelines: A Beginner’s Guide to Air Ambulances

Air ambulances are used to transport patients safely. People may require an air ambulance for various reasons like an emergency sickness, an accident with serious injuries that prevent the doctors from transporting the patient by road, lack of proper medical facilities in the area, and medical tourism. Below are guidelines by well-known air ambulance companies for choosing the right air ambulance.

How to Choose the Right Air Ambulance Company

Choosing the right air ambulance company for your medical treatment can be difficult. But you must research and find a company that fits your requirements. Below are factors to consider when picking an air ambulance company:

Research the Different Types of Ambulances Available

Ask about the aircraft available. Companies may have twin and turboprop planes, jets, and helicopters for short distances. Once you know what aircraft types are available, you can decide based on your budget and requirements.

Accreditations and Licenses

Always hire a company that has the right credentials and licenses. Ask to check their documentation before hiring them. Many companies may offer ambulance services at very low costs but may not have the required licenses.

Patient Safety

Your patients’ safety is of utmost importance when choosing an air ambulance. Therefore, ensure the air ambulance company follows all the safety and security protocols greatofmining. Ask them about the different steps they have taken to ensure the patients’ and your safety.

Medical Equipment

An air ambulance will be transporting patients with varying levels of health issues from one place to another. Hence, they must have top-quality medical equipment to tackle emergencies on the way. Ask the company about the medical equipment on board to ensure you have everything you need in case of an emergency mid-flight. Medical equipment that an air ambulance must have include:

  • Portable blood pressure analyzer
  • Compact monitor system or defibrillator
  • Multi-parameter intensive care transport monitor
  • Satellite phone for communication
  • Central oxygen tank and another optional reserve tank
  • Intensive care respirator for emergency respiratory issues
  • Life port ICU with vacuum mattress and patient loading system

Check If There Will Be Doctors On Board

It is crucial to have experienced doctors on board the air ambulance. Ask the crew if they can handle any medical emergencies during the journey. The doctors and paramedics should know what to do if your patient’s condition deteriorates during the flight.

Are the Crew Members and Pilots Trained?

No matter how many people you have on board, the pilot is ultimately responsible for transporting the patient and you to your destination. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they are well-trained and experienced. Similarly, the crew should also be experienced to keep the patient and their family members comfortable during the journey.

What Documents Do You Need for an Ambulance Flight?

Most air ambulance flights have to be carried out as quickly as possible. Though the patient may be declared fit to travel, you must determine what medications they are on and what equipment they may require when in the air. Consulting with the doctor treating the patient can help get critical medical information. In addition, you can get the discharge notes explaining the patient’s health condition to help doctors at the destination where the patient is flying. Some documents required for an ambulance flight include physician’s letters, medical reports, medical test results, and patient files. Some air ambulance services will give you a form to fill up the patient details if the abovementioned documents are unavailable.

How to Minimize Air Medical Transport Flight Cost?

Be flexible with your dates if it is not a critical emergency. Be open to changing the date and time of your ambulance. While it is understandable that you may want to get treated as quickly as possible, if your situation is not critical, waiting for a little time can save you considerable money. Typically, when you book an air ambulance at the last minute, the team will be required to get the ambulance ready in a short time. This can increase your flight cost.

On the other hand, if you inform the ambulance company in advance, it will allow the team to plan for the trip and find a short and convenient route, costing you much less. Also, charter a smaller flight whenever possible. Flying in a smaller aircraft can cost much lesser than booking a large flight. Thirdly, consider getting treated in a closer location to save on distance and fuel costs.

Medical emergencies can arise at any time. In such times, the air ambulance can be extremely helpful in transporting your loved one. Air Ambulance Network offers premium air ambulance services. Their team has years of experience, is available 24/7, and offers the highest alinaimagine quality service.

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