5 Best Tips for a Zero-Waste Wedding

Most of the time, weddings create a significant amount of unnecessary waste. People throw a lot of items away, even those that are in a reusable condition. On average, a wedding produces waste in hundreds of pounds and 63 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Couples must be much more aware of the small actions they can take in their wedding preparations to improve their ecological footprint. At Kate Legters Photography, we help you preserve the best day of your life. Get tips on how you can be eco-cautious and still have a blast on your wedding day.

Shop Sustainable Brands

Avoid buying a wedding dress that can cause harm to the environment. Getting a perfect and sustainable gown that is crafted using sustainable actions is possible. You can also wear a thrifted gown or one that a close friend or a beloved relative wore. You just need to think outside the box, as the options are endless.

You can avoid spending money unnecessarily by renting a tux or groom suit. If you still want to buy a new suit, there are sustainable brands like brave gentlemen that you can buy from. For the rings, you can visit the used jewelers and ask for the vintage ring of your dreams. You could also get a ring that is crafted from recycled metals or metals that have been responsibly sourced.

Use Recycled or Paperless Invites.

Go for eco-friendly invites for your wedding. One excellent way to have a zero-waste wedding is by working with recycled paper to send your invites. There are limitless companies generating paper products using recycled materials like paper culture. Explore national companies that can ship these items to you if they are unavailable locally at your location.

Electronic invitations are also a หนองใน. They are advantageous because they are utterly green and make it easy to manage and organize the guest list.

Be Intentional with the Decor.

Use rented décor to avoid being wasteful. Fortunately, we are currently living in a world where it is easy to rent items out. Brand new décor is expensive, but you can look for a wedding décor renting company. It will relieve you of the hustle of buying new décor items and wondering what to do with them after the wedding is over.

Make thrifting your best friend if you plan to have a zero-waste wedding. You could also opt to thrift your decor to reuse the items other people have purchased, and you will spend less on high-quality stuff.

Avoid unnecessary decorations by keeping them simple and minimal; you can go without several trendy yet unrecyclable decorations during your wedding. Ensure you shop local as the sellers are more mindful of the source of their things which leaves a better mark on nature.

Use the Table Etiquette Zero-Waste Style.

Aim at shopping local by supporting local farmers, caterers, and more. Ensure that you have chosen vendors that use only ethical ways to source their products, ingredients, and produce. That way, you will end up getting whole food, food that is fresh and free from added preservatives.

The type of cutlery you use can be a significant component of waste. Ensure you are using reusable silverware, cups, and plates or utensils that are biodegradable. Also, try and minimize the size of your wedding cake. People are always throwing out tons of cake leftovers after weddings. Go for a single or two-tier cake rather than a four-tier one that people will hardly finish.

Rethink Your Registry

Let your wedding guests bring you E gifts or gift cards. A couple used the genius idea of putting a Venmo on the wedding announcements. Giving your guests an alternative gift option like money or gift cards is beneficial in aiding in zero wastage and relieves the guests of the stress of wondering which will be the best gift to present to you.

Give your guests the option of offering great experiences instead of tangible, physical things. It could be a night stay at a fancy hotel you have been dying to have, a reservation at your favorite restaurant, or a couples photoshoot done by your favorite photographer. It is a great idea to conserve the environment and for you and your spouse to have lasting memories that you can look back on in the years to come.

Get creative with party favors. Come up with ideas of items you would use, such as honey, salsa, and jam. It would also be a good way of supporting food vendors and local farmers.

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