2 Things You Should NEVER Do After You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident

Immediately after an accident happens, most drivers get into panic mode. They get nervous about what might happen in the long run. They wonder if it is their fault, whether the insurance will cover the damage, whether anyone is injured, etc.

If you find yourself in such a difficult situation, please try as much as you can to stay level-headed. It may be challenging to stay calm in the wake of an accident, especially if you or your loved one has been injured. You need to find a reliable auto accident attorney to guide you because the actions you take at that point could have serious implications.

Here are the things you should never do after you have been injured in a car accident

Flee the Scene

No matter how harmless the accident seems, remember that the law expects you to check on the other driver, exchange your information with each other and contact the law enforcers. The law considers it an automatic misdemeanor for a driver to leave the accident scene if there is any property damage, death, or someone has had injuries.

The act of fleeing can get punished by a jail term or fines depending on the scenario. You should call the police and wait for them to arrive and take a report. If an injured person needs medical attention, it will be the responsibility of the police to dispatch emergency personnel to the accident scene.

Sign a Quick-Hit Release

There are instances where insurance companies try getting people to sign a release a few days after the accident. They offer the injured persons some amount, for instance, $500; then they add the payment of “reasonable medical bills.”

At first, it may appear to be a great idea, but you must understand that sometimes injuries get worse than they initially were after a couple of days. A car accident injury could last for years or cause you long-term problems.

Also, the insurance company may later decide to contest the medical bills, claiming that they are not “reasonable,” and they could quickly get away with it because the release only instructs them to pay for the “reasonable medical bills.”

Consider waiting for a week or two at least to give your boy time to heal and find out if there are some lingering injuries before signing the release. Before signing anything, ensure that if you were under some medication, you have finished them first.

What should you do after you have been injured in a Car Accident

Call Law Enforcement immediately and have a Report made

Alert the authorities of the accident with immediate effect. It will allow the law enforcers will conduct a preliminary investigation interview with both parties, examine the accident scene, interview the third-party witnesses, inspect the vehicles, and determine whose fault the accident is.

The police will then devise a report that will set forth who is at fault. It is the most persuasive piece of evidence as it proves liability. Have the report made to avoid a “he-said, she-said” situation?

Obtain Witness Contact Information

Obtain their contact information if you notice a witness at the accident scene and your injuries do not prevent you from talking to them. It helps law enforcers in obtaining the correct information.

Most of the time, witnesses leave before the police arrive, which means it’s your word against the other drivers. Such details are necessary since the police may need to call them during their investigations.

Seek out Immediate Medical Treatment

Immediate medical attention is essential; avoid worrying about the medical expenses as it will make you ignore the pain you are feeling and hope it will soon disappear. If you don’t do so, the insurance companies may claim that your injuries resulted from another event after the car accident.

They might also insinuate that you sought medical attention later because your attorney told you to do so. Avoid allowing insurance companies to claim that those injuries are fake.

Obtain an Experienced Attorney

Getting an experienced attorney is different from working with your insurance company, as the attorney will have your best interest in their mind. They will offer you the best guidance through the entire process.

Research shows that individuals who have obtained experienced attorneys in their cases have been at an advantage as they always get 2-3 times more compensation than unrepresented people. Of course, you will use a portion of the money to pay them, but you will still gain more in the long run.

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