The Ugly Ways We Use Paracord

Paracord is a versatile or do-all material used to craft various items. These include clothing, bags, slings, bracelets, lanyards, hammocks – you name it. If you’re unsure Where to Buy Paracord in Bulk, consider exploring Paracord Galaxy’s website. Whether you need multicolored, camo, reflective, mil-spec, a 500-ft spool, or something in between, the seller has you covered.

While the conventional uses of paracord are widely documented, we can still use them in some ugly yet ingenious ways. Let’s look at some examples below:

Tying off Garbage Bags

That whiff from the kitchen bin signifies you need to change the garbage bag. But if you’d rather not struggle with tape or knots, grab some paracord and tie off the neck of your trash bag, and voila! You’ve got a neat garbage bag ready for curbside collection.

Gardening Aid

So, you have a green thumb? Good for you. If some of your plants are getting a tad unwieldy and threatening to encroach on your neighbor’s garden, you can use paracord to train them. Tie up the plants strategically and guide them in the direction you want. That way, you can keep them in control and your pesky neighbor happy.

Hanging Drapes

Drapes can be a pain to hang, especially if there’s no rod in sight. Thankfully, with a paracord and dowels, you can create a makeshift curtain rod to hang your drapes. A few twists of the paracord and you’ve saved yourself the trouble of undertaking a difficult home improvement project. Who said you must be a handyman to nail a home project?

Improvised Tow Rope

Have a project in your yard but can’t find a tow rope to attach the trailer to your mini tractor? You can easily create a makeshift tow rope with some paracord. It may not be as reliable as an official tow rope, but it’s better than nothing. Or, if your lawnmower’s pull cord snaps, you can use a paracord as a replacement.

Managing Cords

If the wiring in your home office desk looks like a spider’s web, consider sorting it out. If zip ties are out of reach, a paracord may come in handy as a cord manager, allowing you to sort out tangled cables.

That way, you can save yourself and your coworkers from the eyesore that is a spaghetti of cables. Remember to apply the right knots, or else untying the cords might be a hassle.

Clearing Floor Space

We get it; garages can get a little messy. This makes it challenging to find what you need for your project or to park your car. Luckily, paracord can come to the rescue by helping you hang items off the wall and ceilings, creating more floor space for your other tools.

You may also use it to bundle sports equipment or camping gear that may roll around your garage. It might not be the prettiest solution available, but hey, it works. Plus, it’s strong and reliable. Who cares about looks?

Zipper Pull

Maybe you want to add color to your outfits, or you can’t stand the struggle of gripping a small zipper pull. Well, a paracord can do the trick. Toss out the factor pulls and replace them with multicolored paracords. While at it, ensure to knot the cord securely to avoid zipper mishaps.

Leashing Fido

Whether you misplaced your pet’s leash or it’s too short, a paracord can be a handy replacement. It might not be as aesthetically pleasing as a leather leash, but by being creative, you can use a paracord leash without compromising style.

Why settle for generic when you can unleash your inner designer and create something unique for your fur buddy? Need help, a tutorial, perhaps? Make uncle Google your friend.

Rigging Lights

You might not be an electrician, but you can rig up some lights using paracord. This is ideal for places without electricity, such as camping sites and cabins. While at it, use bulbs with the right wattage, and you can have a makeshift light source to help you navigate in the dark.

Or maybe you like to shoot videos and need ‘hair lights’ for a project. With some paracord and clips, you can fashion a simple, cost-effective solution and get on with your business. It’s not fancy, but it does its thing, so why settle for something else?

Dealing with Wardrobe Malfunctions

They happen to even the best among us; you get dressed for a night out only to realize your blouse zipper is stuck. Or you’re getting your groove on when your pair of pants starts to get loose. You check and notice the waistband has snapped. Bummer!

Fortunately, a paracord can save your day yet again. Unravel your paracord bracelet and as a quick fix, create a makeshift belt or use it to mend the stuck zipper. A few knots later, you’ll be ready to pick things up where you left off.

These may not be your everyday uses of paracord, but they come in handy when you least expect them. Go ahead and stash a few spools in your tool shed because you never know when you may need to figure a way out of a sticky situation.

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