How to Write a Good Introduction

The following paragraph serves as an fullformsadda excellent example of a good introduction. The introduction paragraph sets up the main points of the essay and presents the thesis, or central point, of the essay. The following example is taken from a history of Braille interactive essay. It demonstrates how to start the paragraph. It conveys the thesis in a clear and concise manner. Here are some informenu additional tips to create an effective introduction paragraph. To make it even more impactful, make it interactive and enticing.

The first sentence of the introduction dishportal should present the main thesis and develop it. The next sentence must also develop the topic by drawing logical connections between the main thesis and other parts of the paragraph. It should be clear why the reader should care about the topic. If it is a personal story, then it should be the primary focus of the paragraph. It should also be a general statement. The second sentence should be an introduction sentence for a book review odisha discom

The second sentence of the introduction etvhindu paragraph should be a hook, or an interesting fact or story. This is the first line of the essay, and should convey a clear idea to the reader. In some cases, a hook can be a poem, a song, or a sports incident. Generally, a hook is one sentence that is memorable, and is easy to read. Once you’ve written the hook, transition to the thesis statement.

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