Explore These Basic Tree Care Tips

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. They perform several functions, such as; increasing the curb appeal and beauty of a landscape as shades, lower energy loss, increasing property value, and ultimately converting the toxic carbon gasses in the atmosphere.

While a lot of homeowners love to have a tree in their yards, many are not knowledgeable enough to care for them. And without proper care and maintenance, trees won’t last long enough. In case you have a tree, or you’re planning to plant one in your yard, and you want to learn more about ways to care for your trees, then you’ve come to the right page. In this post, we will explore the basic tree care tips. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Portland’s leading tree service company here.


Just like all living things, water is one of the most basic necessities for a tree to be healthy. Water is vital for photosynthesis, a  process that allows plants to make oxygen from carbon dioxide and other compounds. It’s also important for transpiration.

Generally, the amount of water a tree needs will depend on several factors, including its species, age, the type of soil it is planted in, etc.

Younger trees, like newly planted ones, require more frequent watering because they still establish a root system. Mature trees, which have been around for several years, need less water because their roots are already established and are capable of soaking up water on their own


While most people consider mulch to be a decorative element on the landscape, it is way more than that. Adding mulch around your tree base will protect and help it grow. Mulch will help to protect the tree from foot traffic-related damages, retains soil moisture, minimizes soil compaction, and regulates root temperatures.

Typically, the amount of mulch you will be adding to your tree base is dependent on the size of the tree trunk.


Plants, in general, require specific nutrients to grow and thrive. Since, likely, the soil in which your tree is planted doesn’t have all the needed nutrients for the tree to survive, you may end up having to apply some fertilizer to balance things up. These fertilizers already contain the nutrients needed for your tree to grow, and they can be applied directly to the soil around the tree or on its leaf.

The best way to ensure that your trees get the proper amount of fertilizer is to engage a tree service professional. They will consider your tree’s type, age, and health before making recommendations about how to fertilize them properly.


Pruning is an important aspect of tree care that helps promote strong growth, increase flower and fruit production, improve plant health, and remove damaged limbs. It also gives a tree a distinctive shape that enhances its aesthetic appeal.

It’s also used to remove dead or diseased branches, as well as invasive plant growth. It’s important to prune trees at the proper time for maximum results, and a professional arborist can help you determine when it’s right for your particular tree.

The best time to prune is during the growing season when new growth is forming.

Pest Control

Trees, just like most plants, are vulnerable to pest infestation, both from insects and diseases. So as a tree owner, you must do your best to protect them from these pests.

There are many basic tips you can follow to protect your trees from pests. But the most effective method is the use of pesticides. When you spray your tree and its surrounding areas with pesticides at intervals, you can easily prevent pest infestations from taking hold. Also, making sure to care for and maintain the tree is a surefire way to avoid pest infestation.

When buying pesticides, it is important to choose a product that will effectively kill the pest you want to target. In case you are not sure of which brand to go for, you can consult with a professional. This will ensure that you get the best results possible and avoid any adverse effects on your family, pets, and other plants in your landscape.

Put Measures In Place For Protection Against Harsh Weather

Harsh weather conditions can cause significant damage to your tree. As such, you need to plan ahead for them, especially if you live in an area prone to such weather conditions. For instance, if you stay in a place with extremely low temperatures, you can protect your tree by wrapping it.

To learn more about ways you can protect your tree against harsh weather, you can consult with a tree service company in your area. They have knowledge of the area and can advise you on steps to take.

If you want your trees to last long, you need to invest time in caring for them. If you don’t have the time, you can hire a tree service to do it for you.

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