Buying Guide: How to Buy Your First Guitar

Purchasing your first instrument should be the starting step in a lifelong journey of discovery and inspiration. It can also be perplexing because there are so many various makes and types of musical instruments.

When purchasing your first guitar, you will face decisions such as what size guitar to purchase, whether to get an acoustic or electric instrument, and whether to purchase a new or used instrument. While numerous factors may influence your choice, the most essential thing is to pick a guitar that sounds well, looks good, and feels good to play – to you.

There are several guitar genres accessible, and each individual has their own character and likes. Above all, the instrument must excite you and motivate you to practise more often.

This guitar buying guide from Guitar Shop Near Me can help ease the selection of the finest beginning instrument for you, from picking among kinds and genres to choosing which guitar sizes to purchase.

Choos between electric or acoustic guitar

Choose between an acoustic and an electric guitar. Acoustics produce a gleaming, sensitive tone that is great for practice and, eventually, composing. Acoustic guitars are utilised in a variety of musical forms, although they are most commonly seen in folk, indie, rock, country, and pop.

The contemporary acoustic guitar shape was well-established prior to the debut of the electric guitar, so you have a visually classically-styled instrument with a huge body and soundhole.

If you want to go a little deeper, you may choose between a nylon-stringed acoustic, which is softer and easier to play, and a steel-stringed acoustic, which is louder but harder on beginner’s fingers.

When it comes to electric guitars, there is a vast range of style and sound to explore – and it is always developing at the novice level.

In most cases, electric guitars are deemed simpler to play early in your evolution – but we wouldn’t let this influence your purchasing decision too much. When you have more expertise with the instrument, you may always alter your mind at Guitar Shop Near Me.

Settle on the shape and style

Choose what you believe looks the best stylistically. Investigate the guitars used by your favourite guitarists to discover whether you have similar tastes. Consider looking at some more costly guitars for ideas.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is less visible variance in acoustics, but rather a variety of body sizes that make distinct sounds. Dreadnought acoustics have an iconic appearance and a thick, powerful tone that is ideal for strumming chords, but they may be too big for smaller players.

Parlour-style guitars, on the other hand, have smaller bodies that are more suited to sitting practice and children’s playing. If you’re looking for an electric guitar, you should start with the three most classic styles: the S-Style, the T-Style, and the Single Cut.

Electric guitars exist in a variety of forms and sizes, so if the basic three don’t appeal to you, go for something more unusual. Different companies create different-looking guitars; for additional information, go to Guitar Shop Near Me.

Set your budget

Establish your budget. Do this immediately since you could be enticed to pay a little more for a certain form or colour that catches your eye. There is a large selection of good starter guitars with superb construct and comfort.

It’s an excellent budget for a first guitar since you don’t want to squander money if you discover it’s not the instrument for you or if you become tired of it. Begin with a minimal budget and gradually increase your pricing as your progress and devotion allow.

Once you’ve reduced your search to a few options, if possible, go to Guitar Shop Near Me and ask the staff for assistance. See what piques your curiosity in person, and get a sense of what it’s like to sit down with a guitar and handle it as if you were going to play.

Consider trying it in person before you buy

Many guitars in the lower price range have identical specs, therefore there’s no reason to concentrate too much on the fretboard material, the number of knobs, or the hardware.

There are several factors in guitars at Guitar Shop Near Me, so it is critical not to become overwhelmed. Even the instrument’s sound isn’t as important as how the form makes you feel. If it makes you happy to look at it, you’ll be more likely to take it up and play with it.

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