7 Tips for Your Best Office Copier Lease

Office copiers have become one of the important backbones of paper-centered offices. The equipment helps with duplicating documents to be shared or filed. However, not all businesses want to buy one; some are interested in affordable office printer leasing at South Coast Office Supply Inc.

Choosing the lease option is often a cost-effective approach for businesses, especially as it lowers the immediate cost of owning and using a copier. However, lessees must know how to choose the best copiers for their needs.

Here are seven tips for leasing the best office copier;

1: Your Current Printing Volume

As a business, your decisions should be based on credible data. Before choosing a copier to lease, consider your current printing volume and how it may change in the future. If your printing volume is expected to remain the same, then get a copier that handles just the required workload.

Choosing a bigger or smaller copier for your printing workload can harm your business. It may throttle your efficiency if too small, or it may cost you more money if too large.

2: Decide Between Color Or Black And White Copiers

Copiers are largely available in two major categories, colored and black and white. Colored copiers can produce both colored and black and white outputs.

Before leasing, consider your needs and which one works best for you. If your business needs both colored and black and white printing intermittently, you may go for the colored copier option. On the other hand, choose the black and white copier if your business does only black and white printing.

3: Consider The Monthly Copier Cost

Cost is an important factor to consider when making business-related decisions. When considering costs, take into account the equipment cost as well as the cost required for service parts and supplies.

Copier costs are usually standard. The lessor would have set the lease price based on the term agreed, copier type, and other information. The other part, including the supplies and service costs, may vary depending on use and needs. Get an estimate for both sides of the cost implications and consider its affordability for your business.

Note: You may not need to service the copier every other month. However, having a budget of how much it costs can help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

4: Decide Between Used Copiers, New Copiers, Or Rentals

Copier costs depend on a range of factors, including the model and feature, the condition (whether new or used), and the ownership condition (outright purchase, lease, or rent).

When deciding, consider what the cost implication of each of these options is to your business. If you need the copier seasonally, it may be better to lease or rent one. You may also buy one if your business relies heavily on copiers.

With outright ownership, you’ll have to choose between buying a new copier and a pre-owned one. New copiers are often more expensive, but they are generally less problematic. Used copiers, on the other hand, are cost-effective but may require frequent servicing or repairs – depending on their condition.

5: Consider The Lease Terms

Leasing copiers can save you a lot of upfront costs and expenses. However, knowing and understanding what the terms entail is important. Before leasing, ensure that you read the lease terms and understand them.

The lease term will often include the duration of the lease. This often means for how long you wish to lease the copier. Longer terms may attract lower fees, while shorter lease terms attract higher fees.

6: Lease Type

Lease type helps you determine what happens at the end of the lease period. It could be an FMV lease or a $1 Out lease. The FMV lease means you return the copier at the end of the lease period, while the $1 Out means you pay $1 to purchase the copier at the contract’s end.

Consider your copier needs and the type of copier you’re leasing before deciding.

7: Copier Type

Leasing copiers is often a more cost-effective option for businesses, especially as they face a lower upfront cost to purchase office equipment. However, it is important to choose the right equipment with the right features to support your business.

Consider the available copier types before leasing. It is most advisable to choose the latest copiers with multi-function and features. This ensures that the copier can address your business needs now and in the future. You should also consider any specific business needs when selecting a copier. You’ll get more satisfaction and efficiency from choosing the right device.

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